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Bringing Justice through the enforcement of Judgments!

Over 80% of money judgments go uncollected!
The reasons are numerous. "I don't have the time to go after the shyster." "I get lost trying to figure out all the forms and stuff that the Court needs." " I don't know where the Defendant is located." "I already paid an Attorney to get me the judgment, now, they want more money from me to collect on my own judgment! I just don't want to throw good money after bad."
GR ISIDRO aka "MR GREY" is dedicated to the enforcement of money judgments. We purchase your judgment on a "future pay" basis, without application fees or up-front costs of any kind. We cover all costs and expenses incurred in locating the jugment debtor and enforcing the judgment. 
We make our money ONLY from the judgment debtor, at no cost to you. 
We have the resources, experience and determination to enforce the judgment you worked so hard to get. 
We will conduct a thorough investigation  to uncover hidden assets and/or sources of income and take whatever steps are necessary to seize them.
"Mr Isidro has been very diligent in the collection of several judgments I have asked him to pursue. The judgment recovery process is a complex one and Mr Isidro has demonstrated a very high degree of competence. Simply having a judgment against someone is one thing, actually COLLECTING is quite another! I would highly recommend his services!" -Scott B/Pasadena CA
"I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Mr Isidro regarding judgments. His insight and expertise is phenominal. He has quit a number of judgments that he has successfully enforced over the years. I would not hesitate to do business with him at all." -Kathy V/Los Angeles CA
"'Mr Grey' taught a judgment recovery class and I was one of his students. I consider him to be the best in the business. He is an expert in enforcing judgments and he is extremely aggressive! I would hate to have him come after me to collect a judgment." -Geoffrey T/Los Angeles CA
"'Mr Grey' is absolutely tough. How tough? We have had people come crying into our office after he has done one of his Judgment Debtor Exams on them!" -Clerk/West Covina Court
"Mr Isidro is tenacious when it comes to collecting and enforcing court judgments. He was courteous and upfront on what to expect with my case and communicated clearly some of his strategies he would used to collect my judgment. Mr Isidro was able to recover 100% of the judgment and I couldn't have been happier. If you have a judgment that needs collecting, contact Mr Isidro ASAP, I highly recommend you utilize his services." -Jeremiah E/Pasadena CA
"I have met the devil and you are him. Here's your money." -Judgment Debtor/Temple City CA
"'Mr Grey' is definitely the go to guy for any judgment recovery issues. He is not only knowledgeable and professional, but well-experienced in real life difficult judgment recovery cases. I had the opportunity to know him through his class, and would not hesitate to seek out his help on my case. I highly recommend his service!"
-Calvin L/Diamond Bar CA
"'Live and learn' thats what they say about our walk thru life right? In a word, I won a money judgment in L.A. Superior Court against a guy who trying to 'stiff me' out of money I earned doing home improvement work. It involved finish carpentry, a partial copper repipe job and installation of a 40 gallon gas water heater. I new something was wrong, and I got that 'funny feeling' when I knocked on the guys door, he answered and said he was having 'a money problem' that month. Well, I went to court filed a small claims lawsuit and won, but found out after months of trying, I could not collect on this judgment I found and spoke to Mr Isidro, who explained the judgment collection processto me and after signing a few simple documents...he hit the ground running a went after this guywho burned me. He kept me informed and up date during the entire process. Very soon I received a very nice check in the mail from Mr Isidro after all the dust settled. I highly recommend his services should you win a money judgment on which you find you cannot collect. Im a busy guy, Im a contractor. I dont have time to 'herd alley cats." If you got a judgment call GR ISIDRO, you won't be disappointed in your outcome." -Dave D/Monrovia
If you've tried and failed to collect on your judgment, call us @ 626-786-6534!
If you've reached the end of your rope and have had no success in getting money from your Judgment Debtor, call us @ 626-786-6534!
If you're frustrated and have no other place to turn, call us @ 626-786-6534!
We are NOT attorneys. We do not give legal advice. If you need legal advice, seek an attorney. 
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